City proof skin x sun care

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– time off –

An hydrating moisturizer with SPF 50

A suncare for every day, all year long

And finally tought for city use ! 

Made in France

Cruelty free

City Proof !

Best of both world formula

A suncare for everyday?


Suncare should be part of your of your daily routine, every day, all year long

To make it easy, we developed a silky moisturizer with SPF 50 protection that you will love applying on your skin.

A perfect combination of ingredients and a smooth texture adapted to a busy working day or to a sunny weekend!



« Non greasy ! »


Make up base

« Non sticky ! »


Golden Pink tint to enhance your natural complexion

« Bye bye white cast »


Intense hydration thanks to the benefits from a key ingredient : the Red Snow, a flower you can found in Jeju island (Korea) 

   « She can blossoms during winter… in the snow! » 

UV Protection

A formula with both mineral and organic filters so that you can experience the benefits of sun protection and a silky texture.

“Of course we only include the best ingredients, there is no compromise with us!”

City Proof

Selected ingredients to fight against blue light and exposure to daily city pollution!

« Stay connected in peace » 

– With butine, we want suncare to become an easy beauty routine – 

After using time off, if you think « skincare » before « protection », « hydratation » before « UV filter » our mission is accomplished !  



Curious ?
About our story ? us? or why we did it ?
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The begining

The story began in the South of France, in 2009 and more precisely in Bordeaux (France), during our last year of studies just before joining the workforce.

Over the last 10 years, we wandered together through Asia, discussed how to change the world, sang on the same tempo, swapped our wardrobe, shared our fries and discussed about everything and nothing at the same time ? but also about cosmetics, skincare… our common passion.

In parallel, as we both worked in complementary sectors: e-commerce and cosmetics, we thought it was time to create our own brand: butine, for real!

We wanted to share our world, split between Asian trends European specificities  and French habits – in a word: a true melting pot, just like us!

For who and why ?

butine originated from our desire to have a skincare range of products well thought of and adapted to wherever we go and whatever we do: in our daily life, on weekends, on vacation… It had to be both efficient and travel friendly.


As SPF enthusiasts, we always added that extra layer in our routine: in summer and winter.

However whether it was the smell, the white cast or the stickiness, there was always something wrong about it and we could never get used to it for a daily routine.


So what did we really need? What was missing in our make-up bag?

Just a city-proof SPF skincare product to take with us while travelling for work or for fun!

A travel friendly product which would embrace any lifestyle! Essential, easy to use, protective but first of all: a skin-CARE!


After months of thinking,  our specifications list grew longer, we have our work cut out for us !

The first steps !

We worked on the formula for more than a year: ingredient, texture, fragrance, colour… everything went under review and correction then tested again and again.

Formula, filling, conditioning: we worked exclusively with French suppliers (hello South of France! ? ) to benefit from their technical know-how.

And here is the first born of the family “time off”: a city-proof suncare!

It might be born under the sun of the South but we can’t emphasize more: it can be used for gloomy and cold weather?

Together let’s make the daily suncare application easy!

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